Alanna Falys


Alanna Falys, Alto

Alanna is passionate about learning and her love of learning began through her love of music. Alanna started singing and playing the piano at a very young age, with her Grandmother as her first teacher. She continued her musical studies taking piano and singing lessons. In addition to her music lessons, at 8 years old she began singing with the Vancouver Bach family of choirs under the strict tutelage of the late Diane Loomer, Joyce O. Maguire, Marisa Gaetanne and the amazing Bruce Pullan. Singing with the Bach Choirs for over 13 years fuelled her passion for music. She has toured Japan, England and all-over North America. Her most memorable experiences were singing at King’s College, Cambridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and many concerts at the Orpheum.

Alanna obtained her ARCT diploma in piano and taught during her young adult years. In her youth, she wrote original compositions, sang in bands and was a part of many musical theatre productions. Though she loves contemporary music and theatre, her heart has always been deeply rooted in choral music.
Since moving to the Fraser Valley in 2012, Alanna has sung with choirs including Joy Vox, Voce Destino, the Sweet Adeline’s and others.

Alanna has a degree in Political Science from the University of British Columbia and a Master’s degree in Adult Education from Royal Roads University. She and her husband own the PRIMEtuitive Group of Companies, an education management firm specializing in adult education, organizational development and project management.
Her love of choir and the rich experiences has engrained the importance of music in her 2 daughters; both are accomplished singers and musicians. Music is in their home every day. She is honoured to sing with the incredible musicians of Belle Voci and is excited to continue her music education through this incredible choir.

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