Becky Taylor

Becky Taylor grew up in a musical family, singing four-part harmony with her brother, two sisters, and parents. A visit to grandma and grandpa’s house never passed without a request to do “special music” at their church on Sunday!
Throughout her school years, she loved participating in school musicals and choir productions, the highlight being when her family moved to the Fraser Valley when she was in high school and she became part of the concert choir at M.E.I.
She continued her musical education after graduation at Canadian Bible College in Regina, Saskatchewan, where she earned her Bachelor of Sacred Music. Her favourite group to sing with in college was a student-led octet that sang early church music and madrigals.
Later, as Becky pursued a career as a high school English teacher, she continued to sing in church choirs and occasionally with family members. Currently, she is delighted to be singing the beautiful and challenging music of Belle Voci.Becky

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