Bevin van Liempt

BevinBevin van Liempt was born into a musical family and has developed his own niche in the music industry.   Bevin is the rehearsal pianist for the Chilliwack Symphony Chorus.  He is one of the assistant music directors and the rehearsal pianist for the Chilliwack Children’s and Youth Choirs.  Additionally, Bevin is on staff at the Bakerview Music Academy and assists with the choir direction there. He plays the organ at St Joachim and Anne Parish as well as leads or sings in their schola. Bevin has a deep love for the pre Vatican II catholic liturgy and is an advocate for preserving the heritage of sung liturgy in Latin mass.  He was very instrumental in initiating the 2018 BC Sacred Music Symposium and sits on the organizing committee for the 2019 BC Sacred Music Symposium.

Bevin has  sung in various groups such as Valley Festival Singers, Chilliwack Symphony Chorus, Chilliwack Opera Troupe, but has a special place for Belle Voci, which sings a great amount of a cappella polyphony.

Bevin is the president of the Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra & Chorus. When not sharing his musical prowess, Bevin is studying at University to achieve his goals of becoming a crown council.

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