BV at the Cathedral

We volunteer our music in support of the Tridentine Mass.

At the Holy Rosary Cathedral

Belle Voci sings for Traditional Latin Masses downtown Vancouver BC

The Tridentine Mass is the Roman Rite Mass of the Catholic Church.  We love opportunities to sing glorious music that honours our Lord and blesses those in attendance.  From beautiful gregorian chant sung by our male schola, to organ processionals, to polyphony in support of the ordinary form of the Mass to sung motets to enhance the experience.  Our greatest joy is singing for a solemn most high Mass.  We will be singing every other Sunday at 4 pm starting June 13, 2021 at the Holy Rosary Cathedral in support of this most reverend Mass.  We will also continue to volunteer our time and talents for many feast days.


 Kyrie from Missa Papae Marcelli sung at the Holy Rosary Cathedral downtown Vancouver for the feast of ascension on May 13, 2021.



 Beautiful Vita by Palestrina sung for the processional of the feast of ascension on May 13, 2021. (Covid times)


Hiring Belle Voci for Events

We reached out to Belle Voci to do the music for our wedding Mass and we couldn’t be happier with that decision! Right from the start they were excited to work with us and were flexible in accommodating our needs and requests. Their angelic music accentuated the Mass with such beauty. It was honestly more than we could have ever hoped for! Thank you Paula DeWit and Belle Voci for making a beautiful day that much more beautiful with your music!

-Hailey and Brandon McIlmoyle


We perform for Weddings, Compline, Fundraisers, Private functions and more - contact us for a quote.

Audition for Belle Voci

Celebrated a Capella Singers

Are you interested in singing with us? Admission to the Belle Voci a cappella ensemble is by audition/invitation, and we’re always interested in meeting new singers. who we’re looking for Prospective choristers are invited to contact the Artistic Director at any time during the year for an audition. In addition to filling permanent vacancies, we sometimes need substitutes for singers who are unable to perform certain concerts, or want to augment our roster for certain repertoire.

interested candidates are expected to:
• have an innate sense of musicality
   understand polyphonic and medieval singing
   accurate and disciplined
• experienced ensemble singer with soloist ability
  have a solid understanding of music theory fundamentals;
  be a good sight reader;
• have a voice that blends easily in a small ensemble; 
• be committed to the rehearsal and concert schedule; and
  be an ambassador for the group and be respectful to the director and members.

What we offer:
• next level singing in tight circle.
• singing in cathedral.
• concerts.

Profile of the musician(s) we are after:
This person will have been around a while and will be experienced.  They will be semi professional standard and perhaps thinking of a solocareeror had a solo career in singing. Their mind set will be one of a strong work ethic and commitment to the highest levels of musicianship.