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2022-2023 SEASON
Lenten Reflections!

With Belle Voci A Cappella Ensemble

Saturday March 4, 2023
at Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver 2PM
at Saint James  in Abbotsford 7:30 PM

Prepare your Heart for Lent through Music and Reflection.

Lent is a time of spiritual preparation. It is a time to reflect on one’s relationship with God and to make amends for past wrongdoings. In order to fully participate in this season of growth and renewal, it is important to prepare one’s heart for Lent.

Belle Voci has selected beautiful a cappella music aimed at cultivating a spirit of humility and repentance. Our desire is that our presentation will remind us of our need for God’s grace and mercy, and encourage us to turn away from sin and towards a life of holiness. We hope our music and stories evoke the beauty of Lent.

Overall, preparing one’s heart for Lent involves a willingness to let go of self-centeredness and to open oneself up to the transformative power of God’s love. It is a time to turn away from sin and towards a deeper relationship with Christ, and to allow the Holy Spirit to work in one’s life in a new and powerful way.

Come experience our beautiful Lent presentation on Saturday March 4th



CSO Chorus, Belle Voci & CSO Baroque Ensemble

Experience the Passion story set to Bach’s music!

Johann Sebastian Bach’s St John Passion is a musical setting of the Passion story, as told in the Gospel of John. It is a powerful and moving work that has long been associated with the Lenten season.

St John Passion is particularly fitting for Lent as it focuses on the suffering and death of Jesus. The work includes numerous chorales, or hymns, which are used as a way to meditate on the themes of the Passion. It also includes passages of scripture that are traditionally read during Lent, such as the account of the Last Supper and the story of the betrayal of Jesus by Judas.

Overall, Bach’s St John Passion is a beautiful and deeply meaningful work that is particularly well-suited to the Lenten season. Its powerful music and its focus on the passion of Christ make it an excellent resource for those seeking to deepen their spiritual lives during this important time of year.

You will have 2 opportunities to experience this stunning work!
Friday March 31 at St James in Abbotsford at 7:30

Purchase March 31st Tickets here.

Saturday April 1 at the Holy Rosary Cathedral at 2 PM

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Messiah 2021

Belle Voci & CSO Baroque Ensemble performing Handel’s Messiah at the Holy Rosary Cathedral downtown Vancouver. December 9, 2022



Audition for Belle Voci

Celebrated a Capella Singers


Are you interested in singing with us? Admission to the Belle Voci a cappella ensemble is by audition/invitation, and we’re always interested in meeting new singers. who we’re looking for Prospective choristers are invited to contact the Artistic Director at any time during the year for an audition. In addition to filling permanent vacancies, we sometimes need substitutes for singers who are unable to perform certain concerts, or want to augment our roster for certain repertoire.

interested candidates are expected to:
• have an innate sense of musicality
   understand polyphonic and medieval singing
   accurate and disciplined
• experienced ensemble singer with soloist ability
  have a solid understanding of music theory fundamentals;
  be a good sight reader;
• have a voice that blends easily in a small ensemble; 
• be committed to the rehearsal and concert schedule; and
  be an ambassador for the group and be respectful to the director and members.

What we offer:
• next level singing in tight circle.
• singing in cathedral.
• concerts.

Profile of the musician(s) we are after:
This person will have been around a while and will be experienced.  They will be semi professional standard and perhaps thinking of a solocareeror had a solo career in singing. Their mind set will be one of a strong work ethic and commitment to the highest levels of musicianship.